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Rhonda Klch

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rhonda Klch is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EquityFirst. She and her board of advisors founded EquityFirst in 2004, and under her leadership, the firm has grown into a leading provider of personal and business financial solutions. EquityFirst’s mission is to help our clients build better financial futures through improved access to credit and financial literacy education.

Prior to founding EquityFirst in 2004, Ms. Klch began her career as a real estate investor and entrepreneur at an early age. During these formative years, her encounters with lending institutions afforded her unique insights into specialized opportunities to assist clients facing challenges related to credit declines, budgeting, and financial hardships. Aiding such clients to achieve their financial goals proved to be rewarding work and over the past two decades, she has continued to commit her efforts to the spread of financial literacy and accessibility as a nationwide keynote speaker and through the development of curriculum for EquityFirst educational programs and workshops. Concurrently, she has led EquityFirst to an expanded sphere of influence through strategic partnerships which play an increasingly pivotal role in the advancement of financial literacy as a cultural norm and the democratization of high-level business knowledge which creates a more equitable playing field for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.

Outside of her function at EquityFirst, she actively participates and collaborates with not-for-profits nationwide including Angels of Long Island, the NFL Superbowl Champ Gary Brown’s Dream 68, Victor Green Foundation, Celebrity Sports Entertainment’s Philanthropy Division, and others.

In addition, Ms. Klch has been the recipient of numerous awards, accolades, and acknowledgments as a business leader including Money 2.0, LI Business News, Finance and Investing Who’s Who, and others.

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