About Us

EquityFirst is a leading credit & financial consulting firm serving clients nationwide for over 20 years.

EquityFirst is the leading credit & financial consulting firm serving companies of all sizes and clients nationwide to improve their credit and financial position. Our multi-disciplinary team of advisors based in New York combines over two decades of proficiency in personal credit, and business credit, to provide our clients with the most sophisticated solutions.

Our Mission

We help our clients build better financial futures.

Our purpose is to help people experience financial success in their personal and business endeavors through providing financial literacy programs and a myriad of personal and business financial solutions.

Individuals & Families

Preparing clients for important purchases, lifestyle planning and investments.

Business Owners

Helping business owners access the credit, financial resources and business insights they need to expand and serve their market.

Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals

Helping prepare their real estate and mortgage clients for their new home or property investments.

Accountants & Financial Advisors

Providing reliable financial solutions for their personal and business clients.

Business Lenders

Helping prepare their clients to qualify and access their products and services.

Real Estate Developers & Investors

Providing unique solutions and financial resources for every project.

Educational & Nonprofit Organizations

Providing financial literacy programs and workshops and support.


Providing financial solutions, resources and business insight for medium and large enterprises.


Meet the founder.

Rhonda Klch

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


See what our clients are saying.

We’ve been getting results for clients throughout the United States for over 2 decades.

“I highly recommend the professional services of Rhonda Klch from EquityFirst. In the areas of debt settlement, credit enhancement and mortgage modification, EquityFirst should be everyone’s first phone call…”

Frank Gargano, Gargano Law Group

“I would highly recommend Rhoda and her team. She thinks outside the box and gets the job done. She is there 24/7 to answer questions and is someone you should use ”

Jeff Weiner, HKM Associates

“The experience and professionalism that makes it easy for me to recommend to my clientele.”

Ward Brickner, Fortress Financial

“Rhonda Klch stands out, and would be the first person I’d call if I needed something done”

Michael Watt, Soter Technologies

“…An asset to my clients. I would recommend anyone who would like to or needs to repair their financial situation…”

Bill Richardson, National Life Group

“Rhonda Klch has worked tirelessly to educate the public about financial literacy…”

Alan Krystal, Alan H. Krystal, P.C.

“EquityFirst helped one of my borrowers recently get the house of their dreams! They had a ton of derogatory information on their credit report. I would definitely recommend again!”

Christopher McNamara, Silver Lining Funding

“…When I refer clients I never have to worry about those clients…”

John Gonzales, P.C., New York Bankruptcy Attorney

“We have trusted the team at EquityFirst with our clients for years. Exceptional team that truly cares…”

Gershom Polanco, United Mortgage

“Rhonda is a fiercely bright financial whiz and quick on her feet. She is a creative and thoughtful advocate for her clients and has been instrumental in helping my office with a variety of projects and cases. ”

Peter Wagner, Real Estate Lawyer

“I would recommend Rhonda to everyone and have already sent co-workers and friends to see her about their Mortgages. She is very knowledgeable and did a great job finding a program that worked for me. ”

Carol Cariello, Bradley & Parker

“I highly recommend booking an appointment…”

Donna Drake, CBS - The Donna Drake Show

“Rhonda is a consummate professional who knows her industry. She is well-spoken, cares for her clients, and is tenacious. She doesn’t oversell, doesn’t panic, or take her client’s panic personally. Recommend Rhonda highly!”

Diana Pavese, Private Client Group

“Rhonda is a true professional that looks out for the best interest of her clients. She works hard at finding the best solutions and making her clients shine. Whenever referring a personal friend or client to Rhonda, I am confident in her ability to take proper care of them.”

Miriam Hubbard, PBI Payroll

“Rhonda Klch is an exceptional person who gives her all. She is a motivated and motivating individual who inspires others. Rhonda is passionate about all that she does and one can feel her passion in her work and the events she produces. I have had the pleasure of being with Rhonda at her events and she exemplifies the giving spirit and “pay it forward” concept. Rhonda is an outstanding individual!”

MariaElena, Hart Agency

“I have known Rhonda Klch for 2 years. During that time, I have found her to be knowledgeable and honest in all of her dealings. She handles short sale negotiations and loan modifications, as well as helping clients with credit repair and budgeting. I have referred a number of clients to her who were in great distress over their financial situation, and I have always received positive feedback. I know that I can recommend her services to any client in financial distress ”

David Vallone, P.C., Attorney

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